lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

List of local alternatives of PyPi

Here is a list of local (offline) alternatives for the site PyPi, I had tested some of then and djangopypi2 is the one I have choose and currently use. Other alternatives can be find on answers of the stackoverflow "How to roll my own pypi?" question.

note: the order doesn't matter.
  1. appyp
    sandboxing apps from Pypi packages.
  2. haufe.eggserver
    A small PyPI replacement based on a local distribution directory (implemented using GROK).
  3. infi.pypi_manager
    A small tool to migrate/mirror distributions from to a local djangopypi server.
  4. mypypi
    My Python Package Index (Standalone Server).
  5. pip2pi
    builds a PyPI-compatible package repository from pip requirements.
  6. pkgtools
    Python Packages Tools.
  7. pypi-stat
    Solution for getting packages stat, and graphing them.
  8. Basket
    Basket is a small command-line utility that downloads Python packages from a (real) PyPI server and store them in a single place so that they can be found by easy_install or pip when offline.
    Basket is not a PyPI mirror. It is not a server: you cannot register or upload packages. It does not install Python packages in a Python installation or a virtual environment.
  9. chishop
    a django based server
  10. ClueReleaseManager
    An implementation of a PyPi server
  11. devpi-server
    easy-to-use caching proxy server
  12. djangopypi
    Better is djangopypi2
  13. djangopypi2
  14. EggBasket
  15. haufe.eggserver
    GROK/Zope based
  16. localshop
    A private pypi server including auto-mirroring of pypi.
  17. pypiserver
  18. pyshop
  19. scrambled
    Doesn't require external dependencies, no uploads.
    Simple repository with fallback using Apache
    Just create apache virtual site to read on a directory an if not find redirect to pypi
  20. simplepypi
    a twisted based solution
  21. Static Server
  22. terrarium
  23. Using Pip Cache
  24. z3c.pypimirror
    A module for building a complete or a partial PyPI mirror

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